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Nail Sizing

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How to measure your nails?!

What you’ll need -

- sticky tape

- ruler

- marker

Step 1 :

Place tape on the widest part of your nail and mark both sides (edges) with your marker.

Step 2 :

Remove the tape and place onto your ruler, count how many lines there are from each mark to mark. Make sure that you are using cm not inches. If you counted 5 lines your nail size is 5mm. 

Another way of sizing :

Place a dollar coin besides your hand and send me a email or Instagram DM a photo from birdseye view, please do the same with your other hand as well as a separate photo for your thumbs with the dollar coin. If you are still unsure please purchase a sizing kit for accurate sizing.

For example my nail sizing - 

Thumb - Measured 13 lines (13mm) (Nail number 2)

Pointer - Measured 10 lines (10mm) (Nail number 5)

Middle - Measured 11 lines (11mm) (Nail number 4)

Ring - Measured 9 lines (9mm) (Nail number 8)

Pinky - Measured 8 lines (8mm) (Nail number 11)


*Please do not add this to your cart*